Online Reading and Writing Tutoring

Reminders before you begin: Come back here 5 minutes before the start of your online tutoring session. Make sure that you have all of the materials you need to make the most out of your tutoring session uploaded and saved on your computer. Once you are ready, click the “Begin Online Session” button to the left to begin your session. (Currently unavailable)

Description of ELAC Reading and Writing Center’s Online Tutoring Service: Using our new Online Writing Lab in Moodle, the Writing Center now provides students with face to face tutoring without cutting back on what is essential for good tutoring: face to face interaction. Make an appointment now to take advantage of this service. (Currently Unavailable)

Live Chat and Tutorials: Need help getting started? View our online tutoring tutorial series to learn how to set up and appointment to meet with a tutor, to begin a tutoring session, and how to navigate the online tutoring platform. If the tutorial is not enough, get help from a live chat operator.